The Difference Between Client Centered Therapy and PCOMS

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Client centered therapy is an approach developed by renowned psychologist Carl Rogers. He believed that individuals hold their own unique views of their world and that their abilities to manage those views should be trusted. This therapeutic approach emphasizes client voice and putting the power to find solutions into the client’s hands. The therapist takes a non-authoritative role, and the client takes the lead. How does this method differ from the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS)?

Like client centered therapy, PCOMS puts the client in the driver’s seat. But there are significant differences of which to be aware:

  1. PCOMS uses targeted psychotherapy tools to obtain measurable client feedback. Empirically proven to decrease dropout rates and to improve client outcomes, PCOMS uses the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS) to solicit quantifiable client feedback. These psychotherapy tools allow you to make evidence-based decisions regarding treatments that will best meet your client’s needs.

  2. PCOMS and Better Outcomes Now (BON) operationalize relational variables. With client centered therapy, relational variables can be subjective. The client’s perception of the relational bond with the therapist is key and most predictive of outcome. PCOMS and BON build in more objectivity: the client’s perception is at the forefront, and there is data that allows practitioners to know (not guess) that the relationship is contributing to identified outcomes.

  3. Client centered therapy is an approach; PCOMS is a system. Despite their differences, client centered therapy and PCOMS are not mutually exclusive. Because PCOMS is a-theoretical, the system can be used across approaches and treatment models, including client centered therapy. PCOMS provides quantifiable data on provider and care effectiveness, while ensuring that the client is directly involved in decisions. In this way, client centered therapy and PCOMS are perfectly compatible.

PCOMS, inclusive of the ORS and SRS psychotherapy tools, is designed to be client friendly and easily integrated into therapy sessions. BON, the web application for PCOMS, can help you start to realize the benefits of the system regardless of your therapeutic approach.

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