COVID-19 and Behavioral Health Services

COVID-19 and Behavioral Health Services | Telehealth Option for Outcomes Measurement | Better Outcomes Now

These are troubling times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed every aspect of our lives—not only disrupting things that we believed to be immutable (e.g., sporting events and travel) but also introducing fear for the health of our loved ones and ourselves. And then there are the people we serve, our clients. This unnerving state of affairs exacerbates the struggles of clients making our services all the more important.

To meet the need, we must also change the way we provide behavioral health services, limiting face-to-face contact whenever possible and using telehealth and telephonic methods of interacting with clients.

A Telehealth Option for Outcomes Measurement

Better Outcomes Now (BON) is designed to allow remote or telehealth administration of the measures from the client's own device.  Many of our behavioral health subscribers are already moving to this method of administration via telehealth or telephone visits and/or limited visits to the office where clients use their own devices.  BON’s remote features not only allow administration of the measures, but also all the functionality that exists in face-to-face discussions with clients, including the graph page and progress information.

Behavioral health services are increasingly important as we navigate these troubling times with our clients. BON can help you adapt your services to continue providing your much-needed services at the highest quality level.  

If you are a subscriber, do not hesitate to contact us to guide you thru the remote administration process. If you are not a subscriber, contact us for a free trial.

Outcome Measurement Tool | Free Trial | Better Outcomes Now

Stay safe and know that we are with you in your mission to provide quality services in these frightening times.

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