Dr. Bob Bohanske Memorial Scholarship for Inclusion and Equity


Better Outcomes Now is pleased to announce the Dr. Bob Bohanske Memorial Scholarship for Inclusion and Equity. Dr. Bohanske was a champion of client privilege and worked over his entire career to ensure the “voice and choice” of clients, especially those mired in poverty and struggling with the effects of systemic racism.

PCOMS Directly Addresses Inclusion and Equity and Therapy

The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) directly addresses inclusion and equity in therapy. PCOMS seeks to elicit, expand, and incorporate client-generated content—ideas, values, and goals—unconstrained by formal theory. By privileging client voice over manuals and theories, PCOMS promotes the values of social justice, fostering idiosyncratic and culturally responsive practice with diverse clientele. Routinely requesting, documenting, and responding to client feedback transforms power relations in the immediate therapy encounter by privileging client beliefs and goals over potential culturally biased and insensitive practices.


Honoring Dr. Bob Bohanske

To honor Dr. Bohanske’s memory and to address inclusion and equity in our ranks, this scholarship intends to promote a new generation of PCOMS trainers and champions, hoping to inspire a diverse group of global professionals dedicated to culturally responsive intervention in behavioral health and social services. We seek participants of underrepresented groups.

The Scholarship is Effective Immediately

This scholarship is immediately applicable to the next Training of Trainers Conference (TOT). beginning March 23rd and to each one thereafter. The scholarship provides 50% of the price of the TOT.  To apply for the scholarship, email Barry at barrylduncan@betteroutcomesnow.com. But hurry, the TOT is just around the corner.


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