New PCOMS Certified Trainer: Thu Nguyen

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I am pleased to announce that Better Outcomes Now has a new PCOMS Certified Trainer, Thu Nguyen! Congratulations Thu! The PCOMS Certified Trainer designation of BON reflects completion of the Training of Trainers Conference as well as exemplary demonstration of training expertise and a conceptual and practical understanding of PCOMS at both an individual practitioner and agency levels. It requires a video demonstration of training abilities, a written exam of the six core areas of PCOMS, and an interview with me.


Here is what Ms. Nguyen says about herself:

Thu Nguyen holds a Master Degree of Social Work. She works for the Saskatchewan Health Authority out of the Lloydminster Office as a counselor and is the newest member to the PCOMS trainer team. Thu is a Hanoian but has made her home in Saskatchewan for the past ten years. She is a mother of two beautiful little girls. Her life-long passion is to be a mother, a wife, and a counselor. She is excited about her new capacity at her job with the knowledge of PCOMS.

Thu is part of the legacy that Ruth Mireau left. Ruth championed the largest implementation in Canada and one of the largest PCOMS success stories on the planet. She left her legacy in the very capable hands of Crystal Petryk and a core of Certified PCOMS trainers. Here they are:


Pictured above, back row: Thu Nygyen, Shawna Meteri. Front: Ruth Mireau, Shelly Carriere, Lisa Hallberg, Crystal Petryk, Leah Tetrault, and me.

Welcome aboard Thu!

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