Better Outcomes Now Releases New and Improved Psychotherapy Outcome Measurement App

Better Outcomes Now, the psychotherapy outcome measurement app of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), is now available in version 3.0. The app’s new release enhances the user experience for agency administrators, therapy practitioners and clients alike. It also delivers new and improved features requested by the app’s current adopters.


To start, the third iteration of the app now allows for secure, remote access and deployment on any smart device, opening new doors for telehealth adoption.

In addition, the new release brings language interchangeability, supporting English, Spanish and Norwegian (with French, Dutch and German coming soon).

Sophisticated algorithms now enable the creation of custom reports to meet the specific requirements of funders, accrediting bodies and insurance companies.

Plus, version 3.0 displays combined graphs for all members of a couple, family or group. This new functionality aligns the individual scores of each person with the dates the measures were administered.

“For example, if a child is seen six times and a parent is seen four times, the scores will ‘line up’ on the graph on the date that the measures were administered so that the therapist can compare and discuss the scores that occurred at the same time,” said Barry L. Duncan, Psy.D., PCOMS developer and Better Outcomes Now chief executive officer. “Graphs that depict scores that are not lined up create confusion and are clinically misleading.”

Additional perks for therapy practitioners include new family options that tell the change stories of the individual as well as the family dynamics, and open-ended group functionality that allows for the opening and closing of client files while continuing to provide the same group service.

For agency administrators, the app’s new release brings clarity to the question of adherence, as user sign-on logs offer greater visibility into PCOMS implementation. New system-wide search functionality streamlines administrative oversight of at-risk clients, and the addition of Dr. Duncan’s own training materials, including client videos, aids in organizational rollout.

A free trial of the new and improved app is available by request:

Outcome Measurement Tool | Free Trial | Better Outcomes Now

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