The 2019 PCOMS Training of Trainers Conference

2019 Training of Trainers Conference | Better Outcomes Now

The 2019 Training of Trainers Conference (TOT) conducted February 4-7 in warm and sunny West Palm Beach was a resounding success. Twenty behavioral health professionals, from front line clinicians to CEOs, from ten states, including three from Spain participated in the four-day intensive immersion into the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS).The participants from Spain coincided their participation with our release of the Spanish version of the new PCOMS manual, the Better Outcomes Now web application of PCOMS, and the initiation of a formal PCOMS training program in Spain. Participating organizations implementing PCOMS ranged from 20 therapists to over 500 providers of behavioral health services. The TOT’s festivities included a night of food, fun, and music at a local club. Perhaps a few had a little too much fun!

The TOT is designed to raise PCOMS confidence in four areas: The Six Rationales (including empirical support), the Predictors of Outcome, and the Psychometrics of the Measures; Teaching the Nuances of the PCOMS Process: The Four Secrets of Implementation; and Supervision and Data Management. In addition to leaving with all the materials that Barry uses, didactic presentation combined with group exercises and discussion guarantee that participants leave the training with all they need to train others and implement PCOMS.

Here are just a sample of participant comments about the TOT:

"Incredibly impactful training! Allows organizations to immediately know when clients are at risk for dropping out and provides resources to intervene. Substantial data show that all clinicians using the model as intended will show improved outcomes. The TOT is engaging with lots of resources and examples. I particularly liked the videos of actual sessions which demonstrate the techniques and the efficacy. The TOT training is a real game changer for organizations seeking better outcomes."

Jim Bush, M.A.
Vice President of Substance Use Disorder Services


"The best was having the opportunity to listen to Barry Duncan in person (his videos are awesome, but having him in front of you is simply marvelous). His HUGE knowledge about how honoring the clients we serve helped me to improve my understanding about common factors, and the big potential of the relationship we co-create with our clients. Moreover, the role-plays were useful to learn how to apply PCOMS in "real life". We learned how to use BON to check session by session progress and the alliance of our clients. I highly recommend this TOT. It will help me to conduct PCOMS trainings very soon!"

Tatiana Casado de Staritzky
Assistant Lecturer of Social Work
Universitat de les Illes Balears


A special thanks to the Palm Health Foundation for sponsoring us at their beautiful facility in the heart of West Palm Beach and to Barbara Hernandez for ensuring our Spanish friends could take full advantage of the training.

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