The PCOMS Manual Update Released

PCOMS Manual Update Released | Better Outcomes Now

I am happy to announce that our all-in-one manual for everything PCOMS (Duncan & Sparks, 2019) has been updated. This revised manual incorporates all the design and feature changes of the new 3.0 version of Better Outcomes Now (BON) as well as other content and reference updates.

It covers everything from the Ten Skills of PCOMS to supervision and implementation, and features appendices that offer quick reference to the rationales for PCOMS, the psychometrics of the measures, the extensive research support, and a primer on the factors most important to outcome. And the manual in its entirety is linked with all the online resources available at videos, webinars, articles, handouts, and client video demonstrations of PCOMS and BON.  For example, Chapter 1 presents Skill 1:

Skill 1: Introduce, administer and score (if applicable) the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) each visit or unit of service. Ensure that the client understands that the ORS is intended to: 1) privilege his or her voice and bring her or him into the decision-making process; and 2) will be collaboratively used to monitor progress in each encounter.

The chapter is linked to resources available online: the webinar, “Nuances of the ORS” and 4 different client videos demonstrating the skill at hand.

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Here is a preview of the table of contents:


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¡El manual en Español saldrá pronto!

The PCOMS manual is coming soon in Spanish!

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