Training of Trainers Conference (TOT) and COVID-19

These are indeed strange times in which we live, and all of us must adapt to new realities of both practice and life. While the list of downsides to the pandemic are infinite, and not to minimize our grief for our loved ones and anxiety for their and our own health, there are some positives that have emerged in the delivery of behavioral health services. More people are accessing services—cancelations and no shows have been reduced and provider productivity has increased. And by all accounts, so far, the effectiveness of telehealth services seems to be comparable to face-to-face services.

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We have also had to alter the way that we provide and receive training. That means that the annual Training of Trainers Conference (TOT) is now online. I was, at first, totally dismayed about this—not being able to immerse myself and participants in an intensive 4-day PCOMS experience that included social connections and getting to know folks separate from PCOMS and their jobs. It was fun to provide an opportunity for participants to escape the winter and enjoy what South Florida, a place that I love, has to offer.

The New Format

But now I see some benefits of the new format. The TOT is now offered in a course format on 8 consecutive Tuesdays, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern, January 26-March 16, 2021 (24 hours of CEUs or CEs). This format allows participants to reflect on the trainings, consolidate the information, and integrate the info real time into their practice and organization.  Weekly homework assignments and personal feedback will enhance the participants comprehension and take-home knowledge. One of downsides of the intensive 4-day experience was that it was too much information with participants often forgetting key elements once they returned to the demands of their jobs.

A woman attending the TOT online

About the TOT

This intensive training experience will give you all you need to train others and implement the Partner for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS). And it is the first step to become a Certified PCOMS Trainer. An in-depth coverage of the rationale for and research supporting PCOMS is provided as well as a thorough understanding of how to train others in the clinical nuances of using the ORS and SRS, including using PCOMS in teletherapy services. Other vital topics include data collection and management with and without Better Outcomes Now, the secrets of agency implementation, and a four-step supervisory process that ensures successful implementation while simultaneously improving outcomes. 

Organizations that send people to the TOT and cultivate their own internal PCOMS trainers have the most implementation success. Get everything you need to train and implement PCOMS at your organization, including all the training materials that Barry uses.

What TOT Participants Receive

  • Barry’s PowerPoint presentations for the whole week including a two-day annotated PowerPoint presentation to guide you through training and implementation of PCOMS;
  • The PCOMS Manual (a $99.95 value) to distribute to your agency.
  • Certificate of attendance and 24 hours of Florida CEUs for counselors, social workers, and MFTs.
  • 24 CEs for psychologists provided by the Training Institute-Southwest Behavioral Health.The Training Institute-Southwest Behavioral Health is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Training Institute-Southwest Behavioral Health maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
  • Extended Free Trial of Better Outcomes Now and access to client videos.


Hope to “see” you there! Register now:

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