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Premature Termination in Psychotherapy

When clients prematurely end individual psychotherapy or couple and family therapy, they risk continued distress and other negative outcomes. What’s more, they may form unfortunate opinions about...

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How to Choose a Mental Health Assessment Tool

Mental health assessment tools, also called outcome management tools or quality improvement tools, are often part of what is called routine outcome monitoring (ROM) or systematic client feedback....

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5 Steps to Accelerate Your Development

How do you accelerate your development? The prerequisite is your understanding that you are a primary figure in each client’s ultimate outcome — the client is certainly central but, as the old saying...

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And Now 6 Randomized Clinical Trials Support PCOMS

Six randomized clinical trials demonstrating that PCOMS dramatically improves outcomes are now in print. The sixth trial appears in the prestigious Journal of Counseling Psychology! A special thanks...

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