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Engaging Reluctant Clients in Therapy

Despite our best efforts, some clients are reluctant to engage in the therapeutic process. Just as the reasons for pursuing psychological therapy are varied, so, too, are the reasons individuals are...

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The Difference Between Client Centered Therapy and PCOMS

Client centered therapy is an approach developed by renowned psychologist Carl Rogers. He believed that individuals hold their own unique views of their world and that their abilities to manage those...

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Clients Who Made Me Better: Early Lessons 6

Uncertainty allows for the “not-yet-said,” the “aha moments,” and all the spontaneous ideas, connections, conclusions, plans, insights, resolves, and new identities that emerge when you put two or...

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Clinical Supervision: Tips for Therapist Onboarding

When you are in a clinical supervision role, you want therapists under your “watch” to feel not only competent when they receive licensure; you want them to feel confident in their abilities. To...

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Clients Who Made Me Better: Early Lessons 5

I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. — Tony Montana (Scarface)

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