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ORS and SRS: Understanding the Psychometrics

In this historical series of blog posts discussing the journey to client-directed therapeutic services, the previous post shared how the clinical process of the Partners for Change Outcome Management...

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Types of Outcome Measures in Mental Health

Measuring outcomes in behavioral health has become a quagmire of misinformation and marketing buzzwords. Given that the three main accrediting bodies (i.e., the Joint Commission, Council on...

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Measurement Based Care Solutions: Questioning the Evidence

First, let’s get the terms straight. What we and others in the psychotherapy literature have called “systematic client feedback” (or just client or patient feedback) or “routine outcome monitoring...

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Results in the Real World: Serving the Impoverished

A 2018 meta-analysis by feedback pioneer, Michael Lambert unequivocally demonstrates that PCOMS significantly improves outcomes. Lambert et al. (2018) concluded:

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Identifying At-Risk Clients: Why I Love PCOMS

A major benefit of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) is the identification of clients who are not benefitting, permitting new directions to be collaboratively charted. PCOMS...

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5 Steps to Accelerate Your Development

How do you accelerate your development? The prerequisite is your understanding that you are a primary figure in each client’s ultimate outcome — the client is certainly central but, as the old saying...

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